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Just Kilimanjaro is a boutique trekking outfit located in Moshi, a small town on the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We are a small team of exprienced guides and dedicated support crew that are passionate about trekking and taking climbers up Kilimanjaro. Read More

The Rongai aka Nalemoru or Loitokitok route is a pleasant route to the summit. It has also been gaining popularity in recent years. This…Read More

So far there is 'the Coca Cola Route' and 'the Whiskey Route' aka Marangu and Machame respectively. I rekon the Umbwe Route,…Read More

Known as the "Coca-Cola" route, the Marangu route approaches Kilimanjaro from the southeast. It is the oldest, most well established route.…Read More

The Lemosho Glades route has also been gaining popularity to rival the Machame route. While the latter has become the busiest route on the…Read More

The Machame route has gained the reputation of being the best route on Kilimanjaro and rightfully so. With it's built-in acclimatization…Read More

Mount Meru

Mount Meru

Unlike Kilimanjaro, there is only one official route to the summit of Meru – the ‘Momella route’. Although there is a…Read More